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Welcome to Untemplater!

If you’re new here then your first impression is probably something like this…

“Well, isn’t this a bizarre looking site. Hmm, ‘Untemplater’, what ever does that mean? And what is it you write about?”

This page will help you get familiar with all that Untemplater is and has to offer so sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride!

What Exactly IS Untemplater?

Untemplater has a simple mission – to inspire a special community of free-thinkers to “shatter the template lifestyle” in favor of a truly exciting, unique, and unconventional one. When you break down the name Untemplater you get un-template-r. In other words Untemplaters are people who don’t believe in having to wait until the traditional retirement age of 65 to achieve freedoms and happiness.

Instead, we aim to live life on our own terms by taking action and working hard to pursue our goals and dreams now. Our motto is to:

Work where you want…Live how you want…Be who you want to be.

Read more on our About page and download a copy of our free Untemplater Manifesto.

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Who Keeps the Party Going Here?

That’d be me – Sydney. It’s a great pleasure to meet you! In addition to my own posts, Sam from Financial Samurai regularly shares his knowledge and thoughts with us from his experience as a full time entrepreneur who escaped cubicle nation after spending 13 years after college working in finance. We also regularly share many other untemplate stories and helpful tips from people from all over the world.

We each have very unique backgrounds, experiences, perspectives, and talents. Despite our diversity of thought and action, we’re united in our shared belief that the conventional life plan doesn’t work anymore. Thus, we’re in the trenches, like you, actively building and growing our remarkable lives of unbridled passion and unconventionality.

So What’s Sydney’s Story?

In a nutshell, I’m a glass half full, busy bee gal currently working two rewarding jobs while running Untemplater. Is it really possible for me to do all of this and not be a walking zombie? Absolutely, and I’m the happiest I’ve ever been! :)

Now if I had to pick just one word to describe myself I’d probably pick “nerd” as I love writing, organizing, and making spreadsheets, and love being on the computer. When I’m not plugged in, I’m out taking photos, hiking through the mountains with my fabulous and funny Vibram FiveFingers, and traveling the world.

I wasn’t always so actively geeky though. Believe it or not, I used to be a total sloth! I slept in until 12 on weekends, watched 6+ hours of TV a day, didn’t socialize or keep in touch with family/friends, and just shuffled my way to and from a boring job everyday with no purpose and no sense of direction.

My Quarter Life Crisis

Then I went through a quarter life crisis and tried to break into a career in the fine arts. I grew up performing in the theater, playing several musical instruments, and singing in the choir. So much of my childhood was involved in the arts and music that I thought at age 25 I should break free of the corporate world and take the leap to return to my artsy roots.

I gave it my all. I took group classes and private lessons, posed for headshots, practiced several hours a day, went for auditions, tried to find an agent, etc. etc. To my surprise though, by the end of just eight months I lost interest in it all and really missed office work, and most of all – my computer!

Long story short, I realized my true calling wasn’t working in the arts. Instead I found happiness in my current jobs, savings towards a lifestyle change to full time entrepreneurship, and in sharing with you through Untemplater. I count my blessings every day and am constantly pushing myself to learn new things and improve. Even though I lost a good chunk of money in the eight months of my quarter life crisis, I have no regrets and actually appreciate what I have now so much more. As Steve Jobs said so brilliantly, “you can’t connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards.”

So what am I up to now? Everything! My life is filled with laughter and a lot of learning. I’ve had a decent amount of successes, but I’ve had plenty of failures too. I firmly believe we can’t truly experience success without facing and overcoming failures along the way. I’m constantly discovering new things about myself and our incredible world through personal finance, blogging, minimalism, helping others, traveling the world, and creating my own adventures!


Untemplater wouldn’t be what is it today without readers like you, so thank you! I hope you stick around and enjoy the site. There’s a wealth of radically awesome articles. :)  And don’t forget to read more on our About page and download our free Untemplater Manifesto.

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- Sydney