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If you’re new here then your first impression is probably something like this…

“Well, isn’t this a bizarre looking site. Hmm, ‘Untemplater’, whatever does that mean? And what is it you write about?”

This page will help you get familiar with all that Untemplater is and has to offer so sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride!

What Exactly IS Untemplater?

Untemplater has a simple mission – to inspire a special community of free-thinkers to “shatter the template lifestyle” in favor of a truly exciting, unique, and unconventional one. When you break down the name Untemplater you get un-template-r. In other words, Untemplaters are people who don’t believe in having to wait until the traditional retirement age of 65 to achieve freedoms and happiness.

Instead, we aim to live life on our own terms by taking action and working hard to pursue our goals and dreams today. Our motto is to:

Work where you want…Live how you want…Be who you want to be.

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Who Keeps the Party Going Here?

That’d be me – Sydney. It’s a great pleasure to meet you! In addition to my own posts, Sam from Financial Samurai regularly shares his knowledge and thoughts with us from his experience as a full time entrepreneur who escaped cubicle nation after spending 13 years in finance. More on both of our backgrounds is available on the About page. We also regularly share many other untemplate stories and helpful tips from people from all over the world.

Untemplaters have unique backgrounds, experiences, perspectives, and talents. Despite our diversity of thought and action, we share the belief that the conventional life plan doesn’t work anymore. Life is what you make of it, and more people are discovering exciting, nontraditional, and creative ways to break free. We are here to help you join them.


Untemplater wouldn’t be what is it today without readers like you, so thank you! I hope you stick around and enjoy the site. There’s a wealth of radically awesome articles. :)  And don’t forget to read more on our About page and download our free Untemplater Manifesto.

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– Sydney